DuO Two Layer Membrane System

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Roof build upSDCRP-D0aDWG
Parapet with cap flashingSDCRP-D1aDWG
Allproof dome clamp ring drainSDCRP-D2aDWG
Aquaknight HiFlow roof drainSDCRP-D2bDWG
Internal gutter and parapet - Allproof drainSDCRP-D3aDWG
Internal gutter and parapet - Aquaknight HiFlow roof drainSDCRP-D3bDWG
Internal center gutter detailSDCRP-D3cDWG
Pipe penetrationSDCRP-D4aDWG
Pipe penetration with shrink sleeveSDCRP-D4bDWG
PVC pipe penetrationSDCRP-D4cDWG
Metal pipe penetrationSDCRP-D4dDWG
Vent Pipe Installed to GutterSDCRP-D4eDWG
Vent Pipe Installed to UpstandSDCRP-D4fDWG
Flue Penetration Vent DetailSDCRP-D4gDWG
Roof equipment support battenSDCRP-D5aDWG
Roof equipment support batten (optional)SDCRP-D5bDWG
Skylight/roof hatch with extra triangular piece of cap sheet to divert waterSDCRP-D6aDWG
Skylight roof hatch with divertorSDCRP-D6bDWG
Fall restraintSDCRP-D7aDWG
Connection to external gutterSDCRP-D8aDWG
Scupper drainSDCRP-D9aDWG
Aquaknight scupper detailSDCRP-D9bDWG
Upstand detail with roof edge profileSDCRP-D10aDWG
Ventilation pipe with plinth detailSDCRP-D11aDWG
Monkey toe walkway fixingSDCRP-D12aDWG
Electrical conduitSDCRP-D13aDWG
Cable tray support fixingSDCRP-D14aDWG
Window gutter
Kick out flashingSDCRP-D16aDWG
Verge detail without upstandSDCRP-D17aDWG
Pipe penetration solar PV power conduitSDCRP-D18aDWG
Ridge waterproofing detailSDCRP-D19aDWG
Roof edge detailSDCRP-D20aDWG
Roof Junction - Upstand to Metal RoofingSDCRP-D22aDWG
Roof Junction - Membrane to Metal Roofing LongrunSDCRP-D22bDWG
Drip Edge DetailSDCRP-D23aDWG
Saddle Flashing DetailSDCRP-D24aDWG
Detail DescriptionDownload PDFDownload DWG
Roof build upSDCRC-D0aDWG
Parapet with cap flashingSDCRC-D1aDWG
Parapet with roof edge profileSDCRC-D1bDWG
Parapet with C-Profile termination barSDCRC-D1cDWG
Parapet with angle terminationSDCRC-D1dDWG
Parapet with over flashing terminationSDCRC-D1eDWG
Parapet with C-Profiile termination bar and roof cappingSDCRC-D1fDWG
Brick wall terminationSDCRC-D1gDWG
Timber upturn terminationSDCRC-D1hDWG
Allproof drainSDCRC-D2aDWG
Aquaknight HiFlow roof drainSDCRC-D2bDWG
Internal gutter and parapet - Allproof drainSDCRC-D3aDWG
Internal Gutter and parapet - Aquaknight HiFlow roof drainSDCRC-D3bDWG
Pipe penetrationSDCRC-D4aDWG
Pipe penetration with shrink sleeveSDCRC-D4bDWG
Pipe penetration solar PV power conduit
Ventilation pipe with plinthSDCRC-D4dDWG
Electrical conduitSDCRC-D4eDWG
Pipe penetration with shrink sleeve (optional)SDCRC-D4fDWG
PVC pipe penetrationSDCRC-D4gDWG
Metal pipe penetrationSDCRC-D4hDWG
Skylight roof hatch with divertorSDCRC-D5aDWG
Skylight roof hatch with extra triangular piece of cap sheet to divert waterSDCRC-D5bDWG
Roof equipment support battenSDCRC-D6aDWG
Roof equipment support batten (optional)SDCRC-D6bDWG
Monkey toe walkway fixingSDCRC-D6cDWG
Fall restraintSDCRC-D6dDWG
Safepro 2 CableSDCRC-D6eDWG
M16 Anchor eye to chemsetSDCRC-D6fDWG
Heavy equipment plinthSDCRC-D6gDWG
Pavers on Equus FixPlus pedestalsSDCRC-D7aDWG
Connection to external gutterSDCRC-D8aDWG
Scupper drainSDCRC-D9aDWG
Parapet with overflowSDCRC-D9bDWG
Parapet with scupper drain with roof cappingSDCRC-D9cDWG
Parapet with scupper drainSDCRC-D9dDWG
Door detailSDCRC-D10aDWG
Drip Edge DetailSDCRC-D11aDWG
Window Sill DetailSDCRC-D12aDWG

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