Sustainability Statement



Equus Industries Ltd has always been focused on environmental friendliness, right from its inception in 1982.  We wrote a foundation Code of Ethics, which we have endeavoured to implement to the best of our ability right to the present day and working into the future.

From the outset our intent was to minimise the use of materials which could damage our environment. To minimise VOC emissions, we formulated at as high volume solids as feasible, and with water being our preferred solvent, using organic solvents only where essential for performance attributes in the coating system.  We eliminated all heavy metals in our systems, with no lead or chromate pigments.

As time moved on, and the awareness of the need for sustainable practices grew, our Company not only evolved in the scope of its involvement in the supply of materials to the construction industry, but also evolved a broader strategy with regards to operating as sustainably as possible, given our size and location.

Sustainable Supply Chain:

To ensure that our supply chain is operating efficiently with the smallest possible environmental footprint, we preferentially deal with suppliers, including freight suppliers, who are ISO 14001 – certified, giving ourselves the assurance that they have an awareness of the need to minimise the footprint of the materials we use and market.

Recycle and Repurpose:

Equus has always recognised the need to recycle product that is not fit for sale, whether “lifed” or off spec, and runs an active programme of material recycling in-plant.  Only fit-for-purpose liquid coatings leave our plant site.

We recycle and re-purpose packaging materials both on and off site, and hold surplus materials on site, with only environmentally-safe waste leaving site to waste facilities, and we pre-treat all process water before it leaves our site.

Environmentally-Friendly Construction:

Equus Industries Ltd is a life member of the Green Building Council, and manufactures products in accordance with appropriate Environmental Choice Standards, although we do not pursue the Environmental Choice Quality Mark.  Our plant also operates on the Audit model used by this organisation with regards to assessment of energy usage, recycling and sustainable practice.

We were among the pioneers of “Green” Building particularly with regard to the use of insulation products as part of the external fabric of buildings, in application of insulated cladding and Warm/Green roof systems.

We are very conscious of the fact that this is the only planet we have, we must treat it with respect, and do all that we can to minimise wasteful or harmful abuse of its finite resources.

Equus industries is proud to have been a member of the New Zealand Green Building Council since 2008. The NZGBC is a not-for-profit organization, established in 2005, made up of a team of people who are passionate advocates for better buildings. Their vision is for all homes and buildings in New Zealand to be green and sustainable.

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