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Equus Industries provide technical waterproofing, tanking, coating and flooring solutions for Architects, Engineers, Property Managers and Contractors in the building industry. One system does not fit all – Equus can provide solutions, systems, specifications and warranties.

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The Wellington Museum, formerly known as the Museum of Wellington City and Sea, is located on Queens Wharf in Wellington. Housed within the stunning Wellington Harbour Bond Store Building, which dates back to 1892, the museum provides a unique experience of the city’s maritime history. Although the building was originally constructed as a bonded cargo warehouse and offices, it was transformed into a museum in 1972 as the Bond Store was no longer the centre of activity on the wharf.

Over the years, the exhibits within the museum have evolved to highlight the city’s settlement, maritime history, and growth, creating a stronger connection with the people of Wellington. The Bond Store building is considered a Category 1 Historic Place and is listed with Heritage New Zealand, recognizing its historical and cultural significance. In 2015, the building underwent significant renovations to preserve its legacy.

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Latest News

Equus Industries is a founding Member of the Waterproofing Membrane Association, whose mandate is to improve the quality of waterproofing in all areas of the construction industry. The Association does this primarily by preparing and promulgating Codes of Practice for use in the design and installation of waterproof membrane systems for both above and below-grade use.


Equus industries is proud to have been a member of the New Zealand Green Building Council since 2008. The NZGBC is a not-for-profit organization, established in 2005, made up of a team of people who are passionate advocates for better buildings. Their vision is for all homes and buildings in New Zealand to be green and sustainable.

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