Equus SOPREMA Tanking Membrane System

Equus SOPREMA Tanking Membrane System

Equus SOPREMA Tanking Membrane systems are high-tech quality waterproofing membranes manufactured by SOPREMA. Specifically designed for underground, below slab and external wall waterproofing purposes.

The membranes are composed of elastomer modified bitumen with a tough polyester geotextile reinforcement that provides strong and flexible, puncture resistant tanking.

The Colphene BSW and DeboFlex Special membranes have a top surface that creates a superior adhesion to concrete by means of a chemical and mechanical bond. This makes the membrane suitable for pre-applied or post-applied waterproofing installation. It can be torch-applied, self-adhered or loose-laid with torch welded laps. The Colphene 3000 self-adhesive membrane is used for vertical areas up to 3m depth.

The complete system also includes swellable waterstops, and a drainage and protection mat laid between the membrane and the earth, which provides an extra layer of protection and drainage, extending the life of the membrane.

The system has been assessed and complies with the New Zealand Building Code, and the Membranes hold a current BRANZ appraisal.

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Why Use Colphene BSW/DeboFlex Tanking?

* Superior quality membrane with proven performance worldwide

* Strong, puncture resistant reinforcement with intergrated granular protection

* Excellent durability of 50+ years expected

* Backed by a 20-year product warranty when installed in accordance with the product specification and by a certified applicator

* Trafficable membrane resistant to site traffic by other contractors

Key Benefits:

  • Can be installed on a moist and/or dusty surface
  • Does not rely on pressure or curing
  • Fast to install
  • Less influenced by weather
  • Trafficable
  • No primer required on horizontal surfaces
  • Integrated granular protection
  • Membrane adheres to reinforced concrete floor slab
  • Heat welded, watertight laps with dual lap for installing over thermal insulation (XPS, HD EPS)
  • High hydrostatic pressure resistance
  • 50 year underground durability

Technical support provided by our team:

  • Project Specific specification and details
  • On-site quality assurance
  • Certified applicators available nationwide
  • Extended warranties available

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