Flagon TPO Membrane System

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TPO-THERM on concrete
Roof build up detailSTWRC-D0aDWG
Upstand with cladding detailSTWRC-D1aDWG
Upstand with termination onto a chaseSTWRC-D3aDWG
Upstand termination with flashing and pressure barSTWRC-D3bDWG
Upstand with pressure termination barSTWRC-D3cDWG
Papapet with cap flashingSTWRC-D4aDWG
Drip edge to spoutingSTWRC-D5aDWG
Roof penetrationSTWRC-D7aDWG
Skylight detailSTWRC-D8aDWG
Gutter outletSTWRC-D9aDWG
Scupper terminationSTWRC-D10aDWG
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TPO on plywood
Roof build upSTCRP-D0aDWG
Upstand with claddingSTCRP-D1aDWG
Concrete upstand with claddingSTCRP-D1bDWG
Upstand at window frame detailSTCRP-D1cDWG
Transition from field to the roof option 1STCRP-D2aDWG
Parapet with cap flashingSTCRP-D4aDWG
Drip edge to spoutingSTCRP-D5aDWG
Roof PenetrationSTCRP-D7aDWG
Skylight DetailSTCRP-D8aDWG
Gutter outletSTCRP-D9aDWG
Scupper TerminationSTCRP-D10aDWG

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