Tremco Duracon Industrial Flooring

Detail DescriptionDownload PDFDownload DWG
Floor coating build up Duracon BCEDF-D1DWG
Floor coating build up Duracon SLEDF-D1aDWG
Floor drain detailEDF-D2DWG
Concrete plinth detailEDF-D3DWG
Nib detailEDF-D4DWG
Channel drain detailEDF-D5DWG
Cool store panel wall detailEDF-D6DWG
Standard fixing detailEDF-D7DWG
Typical plinth detailEDF-D7bDWG
Penetration detailEDF-D8DWG
Coves and conncections to vertical surfacesEDF-D9aDWG
Flexible coves and connections to vertical surfacesEDF-D9bDWG
Cove and connection to hygenic wall detailEDF-D10DWG
Perimeter drain detail - method 1EDF-D11aDWG
Perimeter drain detail - method 2EDF-D11bDWG
Door threshold detailEDF-D13DWG
Typical detailsEDF-D13DWG

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