Hygiene & Specialty Finishes

Hygiene & Specialty Finishes

Equus Hygiene Coatings and Specialty Finishes are a range of quality products for use in all areas of dairy factories and processing plants, and food processing rooms. Our range of coating and flooring systems are AsureQuality approved and Clean Room Standard ISO 14644 approved.

The range of exterior coatings is vast, and the wide variety of available product combinations allow a system to be specifically engineered to a project’s requirements when regarding appearance and service conditions.

Our Chevaline Coatings have a warranty period of 10 years when used in conjunction with the specified systems and applied by a certified Equus contractor.

Chevaline Colourglaze

High durability flexible exterior gloss finish

A highly durable gloss-finish glaze coat for use in both exterior and interior situations to provide maximum possible life-to-recoat for most Chevaline Architectural finishes used in commercial and domestic construction.  Also used to upgrade performance of existing finishes to provide maximum maintenance-free life. Clean room standard approved ISO 14644.

Chevaline Clearcure


An interior/exterior varnish for all timber and timber product surfaces including walls, furniture and flooring with excellent resistance to chemicals, abrasion and ease of cleaning properties.

Chevaline Colourcure

High performance polyurethane coating system

A high performance polyurethane topcoat with a tile-life finish for use in all exterior and interior situations where maximum product performance is required.  Can be used on walls, ceilings and floors, and over smooth and textured surfaces.  Particularly suitable where chemical and graffiti resistance are required in conjunction with light-fastness and durability. Clean room standard approved ISO 14644.

Chevaline Colourcure 2

High performance polyurethane coating system – 2 pack

A high performance long life decorative finish for use in exterior and interior situations. Especially in areas subjected to high UV attack, dirt polution, but where only moderate chemical resistance is required.  Can be used on walls and ceilings, and over smooth or textured surfaces. Clean room standard approved ISO 14644.

Technical Data

Key Benefits:

  • 100% NZ made
  • Proven durability with 37+ years in service history
  • Easy to apply and maintain
  • Hygienic coatings suitable for clean room areas
  • AsureQuality approved

Technical support provided by our team:

  • Project specific specifications and details
  • On-site quality assurance
  • Certified Applicator installation available nationwide
  • Extended Warranties available

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