Equus Chevaline Coatings Systems provide external weatherproofing or waterproofing, with easy cleaning or graffiti resistant properties. Our textures coatings need to be topcoated to ensure their durability and are generally used in conjunction with our finish coatings as a part of a full crack repair and remedial system.

The range of exterior coatings is vast, and the wide variety of available product combinations allow a system to be specifically engineered to a project’s requirements when regarding appearance and service conditions.

Our Chevaline texture coatings have a warranty period of 10 years when used in conjunction with the specified systems and applied by an Equus Certified Applicator.

Available Colours:
Most coatings can be custom tinted to match any colour chart.

Most Popular Texture Coatings:

Chevaline Troweltexx 2000 Series

Trowel applied synthetic ‘plaster’ wall finishes

The Chevaline Troweltexx 2000 series is a highly filled, heavy body waterborne acrylic coating containing graded aggregates, for use on exterior and interior locations. It gives its best finish when used on relatively even and stable surfaces. This product is used as a plaster and is trowel applied.

Troweltexx 2000 comes in a series of aggregate grades.

Troweltexx Standard (1mm aggregate)

Troweltexx J (2mm aggregate)

Troweltexx Coarse (3mm aggregate)

Chevaline Spraytexx

Chevaline Spraytexx is a high build sprayed texture finish for use in all interior and exterior situations. The product is a waterborne acrylic containing aggregate to create a textured finish, and the spray effect can be varied depending of aesthetic and service requirements. Spraytexx is tough and durable, has high adhesion and is fast drying, making it suitable for all stable building materials.

This product is made to be sprayed on, and to be used as different thicknesses to achieve the desired effect.

Chevaline Covertexx

Versatile spray and roller texture coating

Chevaline Covertexx is a high build textured paint finish for use in all interior and exterior areas, in commercial and domestic construction. Textures are able to be varied to fulfil aesthetic requirements. This product is a silica filled waterborne acrylic which also contains fibre reinforcement. It is flexible and durable, with high adhesion, hiding power and early water resistance.

This product is made to be rolled or sprayed on, sand can be added for a heavier textured finish.

Covertexx also comes in Chevaline Covertexx Plus, a 100% acrylic finish formulated to give a low sheen, granular appearance. This product is designed for roller application and allows for fast, economical application into imperfections and hairline cracks.

Key Benefits:

  • 100% NZ made
  • Proven durability with 37+ years in service history
  • Easy to apply and maintain
  • Wide colour range available
  • Zero odour application

Technical support provided by our team:

  • Project specific specifications and details
  • On-site quality assurance
  • Certified Applicator installation available nationwide
  • Extended Warranties available

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