Equus Soprema Membranes: Waterproofing Solutions for Flat Roofs


Roof Waterproofing with Equus

When considering membrane waterproofing for your flat roof, choosing the right solution is crucial. The correct waterproofing will ensure long-term protection against water damage, which can lead to structural deterioration, mould growth, and costly repairs.

At Equus we believe that one system does not fit all, and we have always prided ourselves of our range of waterproofing solutions. Along with our partners at SOPREMA, we offer four sheet membrane roofing systems that offer effective waterproofing, improve energy efficiency, and enhance the overall durability and lifespan of roofs. Selecting the right solution tailored to the specific climate, roof type, budget, building and end-use requirements is essential for optimal performance and reliability.

Four Roofing Membrane Options Available:

Duo Roof & Deck Membrane

The highest-quality, two-layer modified bitumen waterproofing membrane system with a range of base sheets and cap sheets for different building and end-use requirements, and installation options including gas torch, self-adhesive, or mechanical fastening.

Popular choice for:

Key healthcare, education and governmental buildings and infrastructure requiring extended life expectancies


⇒ CodeMark Certified and BRANZ Appraised, ensuring top-tier quality and compliance.

⇒ With over 90 years of proven performance worldwide, it features UV resistance, fire retardancy, and less than 5% chip loss over its lifetime.

⇒ Duo offers excellent durability, with a 35-year life expectancy in New Zealand. With warranties of up to 25 years and a 20-year SOPREMA insurance-backed warranty available.

⇒ Has a root-resistant green roof system.

⇒ Various colour options available.

Product Mini Series Webinar: Duo Roof & Deck Membrane

Nova-SK Flameless Roof & Deck Membrane

High-quality, two-layer, self-adhered SBS modified bitumen waterproofing membrane system featuring completely flameless installation with standard base and cap sheet membranes.

Popular choice for:

Flameless application on plywood structures or existing buildings.


⇒ CodeMark Certified and BRANZ Appraised system offering high-quality, durabity, and UV-resistant protection.

⇒ It features fast, completely flameless installation using self-adhesive technology and comes with a 20-year warranty.

Product Mini Series Webinar: Nova-SK Roof & Deck Membrane

Soprasun Plus Roof & Deck Membrane

Economical, two-layer APP modified bitumen membrane system, featuring standard base and cap sheet membranes, installed by gas torch.

Popular choice for:

Budget-friendly applications and maintenance projects.


⇒ Economical, CodeMark Certified and BRANZ Appraised bitumen option.

⇒ Features durablity, UV-resistance and a 20-year warranty and has a root-resistant green roof system available.

Product Mini Series Webinar: Soprasun Plus Roof & Deck Membrane

Flagon TPO Roof & Deck Membrane

Economical, single layer TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) membrane, installed by glue and hot air welding.

Popular choice for:

Larger roof areas, residential flat roofs and internal gutters.


⇒ BRANZ Appraised waterproofing membrane offering durable, UV-resistant protection with proven performance worldwide and a 20-year warranty.

⇒ It features fast, flameless installation and comes in naked or fleece-backed options.

Product Mini Series Webinar: Flagon TPO Roof & Deck Membrane

All our roofing membrane systems are available as an Equus Soprema Warm Roof

A Warm Roof system combines a UV-resistant waterproofing membrane with thermal insulation, and a vapour barrier, protecting the building from water ingress while increasing the building’s thermal properties and controlling condensation. The warm roof helps to maintain a consistent internal temperature, enhancing building health and reducing energy consumption. Used in many Green Star buildings in New Zealand, it promotes energy efficiency and sustainable building practices.

Project-specific condensation risk analysis determines the optimal components – vapor barrier, insulation thickness, and membranes – ensuring the correct R-values and condensation control while minimizing costs. While a project specific wind uplift calculation determines the optimal roof fixing method.


Soprasolar presents an innovative solution for installing solar panels on flat membrane roofs, catering to the increasing demand for sustainable energy solutions in New Zealand. Installing solar panels on flat roofs offers various advantages, including optimal angling and orientation, but the traditional installation process involves time and cost intensive methods.

Soprasolar’s solution offers a pedestal fitted with a piece of roofing membrane which is then welded directly on top of the finished roof waterproofing, eliminating the need for penetrations in the roof. Soprasolar ensures non-penetrative installation while offering cost-effectiveness, quick install, and reliability. Compatible with bitumen and TPO membrane roofs, this solution has been rigorously tested under high wind loads to ensure long-lasting durability.

Soprasolar Article
Soprasolar Product Page
Soprasolar Brochure

Fixplus Deck & Tile Supports

Fixplus Pedestals offer tailored raised floor solutions for various flooring materials over waterproofing membranes on roof or deck areas. Compatible with tiles, or parallel decking systems, these fully customisable pedestals offer adaptability and choice. With adjustable heights from 10mm to 272mm, extensions, and a range of accessories, installation is easy.

Their integration with waterproofing systems ensures protection and longevity, enhancing the membrane lifespan. Robust and eco-friendly, the pedestals support loads of up to 1500kg, Fixplus Pedestals the ultimate choice for exterior elevated flooring or decking projects.

Fixplus Product Page
Fixplus Full Brochure

Kraitec Step

Kraitec Step is a rubber granulate tile specifically designed for protection of waterproofing membranes on flat roofs. It is used over top of membranes in areas such as walkways for roof maintenance, balconies and terraces.

Kraitec step can also be used as a supporting underlay under systems installed on roofs. e.g. solar power units, antennas etc.

Kraitec Step TDS

Liquid Detailing Membrane – Alsan Flashing Quadro

Alsan Flashing Quadro is a single-component liquid waterproofing membrane with a fleece reinforcement used for detailing with a 25-year durability, and proven compatibility with SOPREMA membranes.

Alsan Flashing Quadro TDS

Other Accessories

Equus provides a comprehensive range of roofing accessories, includes outlets, overflows, vents, termination bars, sealants and detailing membranes to offer a complete roofing solution

When installing a roof supplied by Equus Industries all components are provided as one system, meaning one supplier, one applicator and one complete system warranty.

Accessories Catalogue

Equus Design & Installation Support

Equus Support: Design Stage

⇒ Project specific solutions for various types of waterproofing, protective coatings, insulation, wall membranes and flooring.

⇒ Building Compliance Pathway Document (ECPD) – A project-specific, single document with everything required to get your project through building consent, minimising any possible RFI’s.

◊  Specifications, in house or through Masterspec.
◊  Detail reviews and specific details provided.
◊  Specifically engineered condensation risk analyses and wind uplift calculations on warm roofs based on your project.
◊  BPIR compliant product documentation.
◊  BRANZ Appraisals, CodeMark Certificate and other testing reports.

Equus Support: Construction Stage

⇒ Certified Applicators nationwide, who we work with throughout the tendering process to ensure specifications get across the line.

⇒ On site pre-start meetings before any work on our systems commences.

⇒ Regular quality assurance and site inspections.

⇒ On-site technical consultations during installation.

Single Source of Contact

Our aim is to provide a single source of contact for designer, contractor, installer, and other collaborators for as many solutions as possible. This lets us do the technical work in the background and provides peace of mind that all solutions are compatible and work harmoniously.

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4421EB Equus Duo Roof & Deck Membrane by Soprema
4421ED Equus Duotherm Warm Roof & Deck System by Soprema
4421EN Equus Nova-SK Flameless Roof & Deck Membrane by Soprema
4421ES Equus Soprasun Plus Roof & Deck Membrane by Soprema
4422EF Equus Soprema Flagon TPO Roof & Deck Membrane

While our work sections are designed for easy specification, we welcome the use of the work section support feature or our technical team will happily provide them for you.