Christchurch Hospital Acute Services Building

The Christchurch Hospital Acute Services Building, opened in 2019, was a $483 million anchor project outlined by the Christchurch Central Recovery Plan. The Building houses operating theatres, an intensive care unit, state of the art radiology department, acute medical assessment, an expanded emergency department and a rooftop helipad. The building was a 62,000 sqm project designed by Katoa Health Design with main building contractors being CPB Contractors.

Equus Industries is pleased to have been involved in a number of elements of this project including DuO and Duotherm membrane roofs, balconies, plant decks, Keim Granital Coatings on the building’s exterior, DeboFlex tanking membrane to the underground construction, and Aquafin 2KM for waterproofing the water tanks.

DuO and Duotherm Roofing

Equus Soprema (formerly De Boer) DuO Two Layer membrane system was installed to the Level 2, 3, and 9 roofs and external plant decks of the Acute Services Building. The Duo Two Layer system consisted of a DuO GW (Grey White) Capsheet and DuO Basesheet welded to concrete, plywood and roof board substrates. The Duotherm Warm Roof system included the DuO Two Layer Membrane System with a mechanically fastened base sheet installed over Kingspan Thermal insulation board. The system also includes a vapour barrier that was specifically chosen for the vapour distribution of the building.

These systems were chosen for this project because the membrane provides a hard, stable, UV-resistant, and flexible waterproofing system for the building with a guaranteed R value of R3.5. This provides the precinct with guaranteed condensation control for a healthier building, and energy cost savings when it comes to heating and cooling.

Duotherm Balcony with Pavers

Equus Soprema (formerly De Boer) Duotherm warm roof system was installed on the level 3 outdoor courtyard area with pedestals and concrete pavers installed over top. The system consisted of a DuO GW Capsheet and DuO basesheet torched over a Unifix Permabase Dek roof board, Kingspan thermal insulation board and vapour barrier over a concrete substrate. The Permabase Dek roof board provides excellent compressive strength to increase the roof durability for foot traffic.

Keim Granital Exterior Coatings

Keim Granital is a sustainable, water-borne, liquid mineral silicate coating and was applied to the exterior concrete panels. The durability of the coating provides the building with a colourfast and water repelling protective finish while the natural properties ensure a breathable, long life, low maintenance finish.


Equus Soprema DeboFlex 3.5 Special (formerly De Boer Debobase) tanking membrane is a high-quality waterproofing membrane designed to be torched, or loose laid for underground waterproofing. DeboFlex Tanking was applied to the underground construction of the building to produce a strong, puncture-resistant layer that bonds to the concrete.

Aquafin 2K/M Plus Water Tank

The lower ground fire water tank for the building required interior waterproofing across the walls and floor of the tank. Aquafin 2K/M Plus cementitious waterproofing is a two-component waterproofing system that provides a seamless, crack bridging membrane with flexibility and excellent adhesion to concrete. This cementitious system was applied to the concrete walls, and concrete slab of the water tank room forming a watertight barrier of interior waterproofing.

Chevaline Dexx Plant Rooms

The Chevaline Dexx liquid applied, reinforced membrane is a floor coating formulated for high adhesion and water resistance to create a flexible, durable waterproofing membrane. This system was used on the level 2 and level 9 plant room floors with a Traxx 2000 topcoat in the walkways to ensure durability in the walkway areas.


Main Contractor: CPB Constractors

Architect: Katoa Health Design, association with Warren and Mahoney, Chow:Hill and Thinc Health

Equus Certified Applicators:
Roofs and Plant Deck: Waterproofing Concepts Ltd
Balconies: Waterproofing Concepts Ltd
Exterior Coatings: Canterbury Waterproofing Ltd
Underground Tanking: Canterbury Waterproofing Ltd
Water Tank Waterproofing: Waterproofing Concepts Ltd
Plant Rooms: Waterproofing Concepts Ltd