Cementitious Waterproofing

Cementitious Waterproofing

The Schomburg cementitious waterproofing range provides products suitable for waterproofing and crack bridging concrete or a range of areas such as concrete masonry, retaining walls, water tanks and more with different requirements.


Aquafin 2K/M Plus

The Schomburg Aquafin 2K/M Plus is a two-component, polymer modified, cementitious waterproofing system that provides seamless, crack bridging membrane by forming a watertight barrier which is flexible yet has very good adhesion to concrete and other mineral surfaces. The product is composed of a cementitious powder and solvent free polymer liquid and uses a strong flexible tape over joints and cracks. Aquafin-2K/M Plus is a good solution for in depth detailing as it can be applied by brush, roller or trowel.

The system is suitable for structural waterproofing of all load-bearing substrates, including concrete and masonry, service and waste water tanks, and horizontal waterproofing beneath walls.

Aquafin 2K/M Plus is a versatile product and can also be used for waterproofing in combination with tiles or slabs in bathrooms, shower rooms, kitchens, balconies and pool areas.

Aquafin IC

The Schomburg Aquafin IC is a crystalline waterproofing slurry that penetrates the capillaries in the concrete to provide exterior and interior waterproofing to concrete surfaces. Aquafin IC has a wide range of applications and can be used for waterproofing foundations, retaining walls, lift shafts, drinking and service water retaining basins, water treatment plants and beneath screeds.

Aquafin IC is a chloride free, continually active product that can be easily applied to damp substrates, is resistant to high levels of hydrostatic pressure and can waterproof cracks up to 0.4mm.

Aquafin 1K

The Schomburg Aquafin 1K is a rigid, hardening waterproofing slurry that consists of quartz sand, Portland cement and additives. Aquafin 1K hardens to a rigid impervious layer that is used for interior and exterior waterproofing on concrete, masonry and plaster. The product is suitable for application to retaining walls, potable water tanks, pools and cellars.

These cementitious waterproofing systems are used in conjunction with with Schomburg Aquafin CJ4, Aquafin CJ6 and Equus Swellseal swellable waterstops for waterproofing construction joints from ground, slope or surface water.

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  • Project specific specifications and details
  • On-site quality assurance
  • Certified Applicator installation available nationwide
  • Extended Warranties available

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