Product Solutions: Thermexx Levelling Plaster

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Equus Thermexx Levelling Plaster is a reinforced, cementitious plaster designed to level out surfaces before an exterior coating. Thermexx levelling plaster can be applied to solid surfaces such as brick, block and concrete masonry exterior walls. This plaster system is used as an economical solution where a thick coating is required, as it is applied at a minimum of 4mm thick with a mesh reinforcement. Levelling Plaster can be built up to a 50mm coat if required.

To finish off this system a coat of Troweltexx 2000, an acrylic texture coat, and a topcoat of acrylic paint is applied.

Key Benefits:

  • Economical solution
  • Reinforced plaster system
  • Can be built up to 50mm in one coat
  • Flat level finish

Technical support provided by our team:

  • Project specific specifications and details
  • On-site quality assurance
  • Certified Applicator installation available nationwide
  • Extended Warranties available

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