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Equus Industries is a part of the the NZIA’s CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Provider Network which consists of manufacturers, product suppliers and industry partners who are assessed as eligible to provide CPD activities for registered architects. CPD is all about providing ongoing quality learning for registered architects. The CPD Provider Network offers members the opportunity to build and develop significant relationships within the architectural community.

What can we offer your members?

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How can we offer it?

In Person

We have branches in the three main centers of New Zealand, Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Our technical experts welcome the opportunity to present to you in your offices, and enjoy the face to face interaction. Our aim is to provide this presentation to everyone in your team, so we will work with you to find a date that works best, and depending on the the time of day, can offer you morning/afternoon tea, or perhaps even a couple of afternoon beverages for an end of day presentation.
If you are not in one of our main centers it is still possible to get an in person presentation. Our technical team do travel to other areas throughout the year so contact us to discuss an in person presentation opportunity.


It is important to us to be able to extend our CPD offer to those outside of the main centers, or those who simply prefer to schedule their presentations and meetings in an online format.
Our technical experts can also offer our CPD presentations over a zoom call to your office meeting room, or for individual members in other location to join in. Again, we strive to provide our presentation to all those interested so we can organise apresentation time that suits everyone in your team.


You can also find us and our presentations offered on your CPD Portal.

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