Callum McDougall

Senior Technical Consultant

South Island Manager

Callum McDougall joined Equus Industries Ltd mid-2015. Callum has been involved in Technical and Sales within the Roofing and Waterproofing industry since 2006.

Before this Callum was an applicator himself working with a plethora of products in the roofing category, this has resulted in a well-rounded knowledge of the building sequence and onsite nuances that can occur.

Callum has extensive experience in other regions around NZ and the Pacific Islands.

In 2020 Callum took over the Senior Technical role which was shortly followed by the South Island Sales Manager role. Callum still attends site meetings and inspections when necessary however finds himself more office based now working with Architects and Engineers to ensure the best and most appropriate waterproofing solutions are put forward.

Callum has a young family and is heavily involved in their schooling and sporting where possible, he coaches his sons rugby team, attends as many field trips as he can and is also a member of the PTA at his children’s school.

Aside from building, waterproofing and family, Callum’s true passion lies with his motorcycles and unless at work is generally seen on two wheels rather than four.