Waterproofing Buildings with Chevaline Dexx


Waterproofing is crucial for the longevity and durability of a building. It acts as a shield and protects the structure against water damage and related issues. Without proper waterproofing, water can leak into the structure, causing mould growth, and deterioration of materials over time. Creating a barrier against moisture preserves the building’s foundations, walls and roof, and prevents structural damage.

Equally as important, waterproofing helps to mitigate health risks associated with mould, and damp, leaky homes. Ensuring a healthy environment will protect the health of its occupants.

Protecting your building will protect your investment and maintaining the value of your property.

Chevaline Dexx: The Product
Chevaline Dexx is a liquid applied, acrylic, reinforced waterproofing membrane.

The system includes a substrate suitable primer, two coats of Chevaline Dexx liquid membrane with a fibreglass sheet reinforcement.

The waterproofing is then protected with a topcoat specific to the end use. We have topcoats suitable for UV protection, protection against foot or vehicular traffic, ponding and more.

One of our most versatile products.

Chevaline Dexx: Uses
Chevaline Dexx is primarily used for waterproofing:

♦  Flat roofs
♦  Walk out decks, balconies and patios
♦  Under tiles
♦  Interior wet areas such as residential bathrooms
♦  Wet rooms such as commercial changing blocks
♦  Carparks with an additional layer of reinforcement
♦  Exterior and interior commercial plant decks
♦  Complicated detailing in conjunction with other waterproofing systems

Suitable for:

♦  Residential or commercial
♦  New build or refurbishment
♦  Simple repair or complete waterproofing system
♦  Applicable to a variety of surfaces in both horizontal and vertical situations

Chevaline Dexx is an excellent solution for a wide range of waterproofing applications.

Why choose Chevaline Dexx?
The membrane provides a seamless, waterproof, UV-resistant protective coating, chosen for ease and speed of application, and cost-effectiveness.

Chevaline Dexx offers a robust solution for waterproofing needs, the build-up of the system provides strong protection against water infiltration and accommodates stresses in all directions. Engineered for ease and rapid application, this membrane system is both a cost-effective and efficient solution. The seamless finish of a liquid applied membrane reduces obstructions to waterflow at membrane laps.

Topcoats are available for various service conditions, such as UV protection, chemical resistance, foot and vehicular traffic, and ponding.

Key benefits:

♦  100% NZ made
♦  Cost effective
♦  Ready to use, easy to apply and maintain long term
♦  Proven durability with 40+ years in service history
♦  Up to 15 year warranty available
♦  Life expectancy of 25 years with regular maintenance
♦  Recoating specifications available to extend your warranty up to another 15 years

Environmentally conscious features:

♦  Zero-odour application
♦  Low VOCs
Low VOCs and Zero-odour materials improve indoor air quality and minimise harmful emissions, reducing their environmental impact by lowering air pollution and preserving overall air quality. This contributes to a smaller ecological footprint.

♦  In house material recycling programme
Our in-house paint recycling program diverts used paint from landfills, minimizing risks of soil and water pollution. Reusing or reprocessing of paint materials also conserves overall resources and energy used to product a finished product.

Read our sustainability statement here

New Zealand Building Code compliance:
For full compliance information see system Technical Data in the document library.

The membrane has a seamless finish which enhances the aesthetic appeal, and while comes in a standard light grey or white, can be customised to match any colour chart.

With over 40 years of demonstrated durability in New Zealand, it guarantees long-lasting performance in all areas.

Technical support provided by our team:
During project design, the Equus team can provide project specific consultations, specifications, and details for any project.

For project installation, we have a team of Certified Applicators nationwide.

During project installation, the Equus team can provide on-site quality assurance.

After project completion, Equus can provide a material warranty up to 15 years, maintenance statements and recoat specifications to extend your warranty.

Choose Chevaline Dexx for a reliable, technically advanced, and visually appealing waterproofing solution for your construction projects.

Product Mini Series Webinar: Chevaline Dexx
with Callum McDougall, Senior Technical Consultant

Projects of Interest:

Auckland Sky Tower
University of Auckland Clock Tower
Christchurch Hospital Plant Room
Historic Lancaster Park Gates in Christchurch

Technical info:

For links to technical information including specifications, technical data sheets and detail drawings see our Chevaline Dexx Technical Data Page

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