Embracing Change: New Zealand’s new Building Product Information Requirements (BPIR)

Embracing Change: New Zealand’s new Building Product Information Requirements (BPIR)

In a significant move to enhance the safety and durability of buildings, New Zealand’s construction industry braces for the implementation of the Building Product Information Requirements (BPIR) outlined in the Building Amendment Act 2021.

Why the Change?

The Building Amendment Act 2021 has established minimum information requirements for building products. Recognising the pivotal role building products play in constructing safe and durable buildings, the new regulations aim to provide consistent, reliable information. Until now, varying information can led to delays and uncertainties in complying with building code requirements.

Key Drivers for Change:

Frequent requests by Building Consent Authorities (BCAs) for additional product information causing delays.

Growing complexity in building products and methods, coupled with the influx of alternatives, raising the risk of non-compliance.

Which Products Are Affected?

The BPIR pertains to any building product contributing to building code compliance. Excluding bespoke products, Codemark certified products, and those not intended to meet specific Building Code requirements, such as general interior wall paint, adhesives, or cosmetic sealants.

Two Product Classes:

Class 1 Product: Mass-produced or produced in batches, available for wholesale or retail purchase.
Class 2 Product: Custom-made products, tailored to client specifications.

Manufacturer and Importer Responsibilities:

Manufacturers and importers based in Aotearoa New Zealand must provide essential information about qualifying products, ensuring it is publicly accessible online. This includes details such as product name, description, intended use, and compliance information.

Feature box: At Equus, we also believe that building owners should have the power to choose building products that will ensure maximum durability and watertightness of their buildings; and that information is one of the keys to smooth decision making and design in the building industry.
To make it easier for users to find our product information, we have added a new Document Library to our website. This library can be used to search for the Technical Data Sheet of any product or system we supply.

The BPIR requirement came into effect on December 11th 2023 for products manufactured or imported on or after the date.

Embrace the Change: Stay informed, choose the right products, and contribute to the future of safe and durable construction in New Zealand.