ArchiPro POTM: Redmund Spur House

The ArchiPro New Zealand November Project of the Month is Redmund Spur House by Sheppard and Rout Architects.

Preview: Architect Jasper van der Lingen from Sheppard & Rout Architects crafts a contemporary home in the Redmund Spur subdivision near Christchurch, New Zealand. The design seamlessly blends the spirit of rural Canterbury with modern living. Set against the backdrop of the Southern Alps, the house unfolds, with two wings organized around a central concrete fireplace. The material palette, including concrete, stone, timber, and tussock, reflects the regional identity. The thoughtful design integrates the house into the landscape, providing a connection between the earth-bound and sky-bound elements. The result is a poetic and multi-layered dwelling that captures the essence of country life in a modern context.

Equus Industries’ expertise in waterproofing, including underground, green roof and warm roof areas, ensures the longevity and sustainability of this Canterbury home. The solutions seamlessly integrate technology, protecting the structure while harmonizing with nature.

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