Selected Systems now CodeMark Certified

Selected SOPREMA Waterproofing Membrane Systems are now CodeMark Certified

Equus, along with our international partner SOPREMA, understand the importance of using quality building products in NZ construction that provide safe, warm and durable buildings around the country.

We are pleased to announce that our Equus SOPREMA two-layer bitumen roof & deck waterproofing systems are now CodeMark Certified!

Systems Certified are:

  • DUO Roof & Deck Membrane System
  • SOPRASUN PLUS Roof & Deck Membrane System
  • NOVA-SK Roof & Deck Membrane System
  • Including all base sheets for all installation types

Applications Certified are:

  • For roofs, podiums and decks of any size
  • For cold roof systems and warm roof systems with PIR or Mineral wool thermal insulation
  • For green roofs
  • On substrates such as plywood, concrete, approved metal tray decks, strandboard, Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) approved roof cover boards and approved insulated panels.
  • For all substrates with a finished fall of minimum 1:80 (= 0.72° or 1.25%) meaning for 1° finished fall
  • For all gutters with finished fall of minimum 1:100 (= 0.57° or 1%)

Why CodeMark?

CodeMark | Building Performance

CodeMark is a valuable voluntary certification program designed to easily demonstrate a building product or method’s adherence to the New Zealand Building Code.  It is currently the only ‘deemed to comply’ product certification scheme in Aotearoa New Zealand, holding a legal status equivalent to an Acceptable Solution or Verification Method.

The CodeMark scheme operates under the legislative framework provided by the Building Act 2004, Building (Product Certification) Regulations 2022 (the Regulations) and specific CodeMark scheme rules.

How does this help the specifier?

One of the key benefits of using a CodeMark certified product is that Building Consent Authorities (BCAs) are not required to review or assess the product’s supporting evidence such as test reports, and calculations. They can rely on the certificate for proof of compliance with the Building Code, minimising RFIs and expediting consent, and reducing delays.

– CodeMark certification demonstrates independent testing, meeting New Zealand Building Code standards. It details performance, installation, and limitations, boosting specifier confidence in achieving compliance.
– CodeMark provides recognised evidence, reducing extra documentation needs, consent delays, saving specifier time.
– Specifiers gain confidence in product quality, consistency, reducing defects, and demonstrating commitment to safety and compliance.

A word from SOPREMA

‘SOPREMA offers a waterproofing system for every construction type and budget. Our goal was to obtain a CODEMARK certification, which provides design flexibility. This certification allows the designer to work with their preferred substrate, thermal insulation, and waterproofing system. We can incorporate all project design parameters while demonstrating compliance with the NZBC.’

  • Oliver Verdickt. Regional Manager New Zealand, SOPREMA.