Celebrating 40 years

November marks the Equus Industries 40th anniversary! We are proud to have been in business since 1982 as manufacturers of specialised coatings, and to still be thriving today with our founding directors. The growth in our people over the years, and the addition of high-quality international products has expanded our range with the intention of providing a full suite of waterproofing, flooring, and coatings for all levels of construction and the technical knowledge that goes along with it.

As a company, we are so excited about this milestone and look forward to sharing it with you, so keep an eye out for celebrations, snippets of company history, and new products throughout the year!

The first change you’ll notice is the change in our logo, you’ll spot our corporate anniversary logos dotted around our website and documentation.

If any of our certified applicators would like a copy of this logo please feel free to reach out to info@equus.co.nz


From the archives:
The original Equus Industries factory in Riverlands Estate, Blenheim on a sunny Marlborough morning. Today our team are still working out of the same location with the addition of more office buildings, a laboratory, and more warehouses to accommodate the growing product range!