New Masterspec Work Section: 4381EF

New Masterspec Work Section!

Our technical team have been working hard behind the scenes on the ongoing launch of our new product line, Equus Fixplus Pedestals & Tile Supports. The latest feature is the launch of our newest Masterspec work section 4381EF Equus Fixplus Deck Support System which went live on Masterspec on January 1st.

This work section features a full deck support system with a series of pedestals for raised floor applications, customisable to be compatible with multiple flooring materials such as ceramic and natural stone tiles, and aluminium or wooden beams. The pedestals come in a range of heights, basic or self-levelling, and with a full range of accessories.


  • By Turkish company Öztürk Plastik, a major supplier in the European Building & Construction industry.
  • A flat floor area is created with the self-levelling system
  • Simple installation, and can be removed and reused with ease
  • The cavity between the decking material and the waterproofing helps to extend the life of the membrane
  • Strong and durable pedestals can withstand a weight load of 1,500kgs
  • Pedestals are environmentally conscious and are 100% recyclable
  • Empty space between the flooring material and the substrate provides storage areas for lighting, cables, pipes and more

Pedestal Range Includes:

  • BS60 Basic Pedestal Range (50mm-110mm)
  • SL60 Basic Self Levelling Pedestal Range (42mm-120mm)
  • SL110 Maxi Self Levelling Pedestal Range (85mm-272mm)
  • SLW110 Maxi Raft Self Levelling Pedestal Range (85mm-272mm)
  • Range of accessories including replacement tabs and parallel connectors, pedestal extensions, lateral supports and more

Head over to and view our work section available in Standard, Structural & Civil, Basic and Landscapes specification systems.

Want some help with a specification? Our team are here to help! Contact us through the Masterspec Work Section Support feature, by calling your local branch or emailing your local Technical Consultant.

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