New Masterspec Work Section: 4422EF

New Masterspec Work Section!

Our tech team have been working hard behind the scenes on the ongoing launch of our new Equus Soprema Flagon TPO! The latest feature to be added is our newest Masterspec work section –  4422EF Equus Soprema Flagon TPO Waterproofing Membrane  – which we released in August 2020.

This work section features Flagon TPO 1.5mm Membrane and Flagon TPO 1.5mm Fleece Backed Membrane covering a range of substrates, including: Standard Roofs on Concrete and Plywood, Warm Roofs on Concrete, Plywood, Steel and Cool Store Panel.

What is Equus Soprema Flagon TPO? Equus Soprema Flagon TPO is produced at the Soprema Flag factory in Italy. Flag was founded 50 years ago and was a forerunner in the use of TPO waterproofing which was added to its production range of waterproofing synthetic membranes In the 90’s.  Their TPO systems have been used successfully all over the world since.

Flagon TPO waterproofing is a synthetic waterproofing membrane manufactured in TPO modified polyolefin, reinforced by a polyester mesh. The Flag TPO membranes feature a high resistance to weather and UV rays, a good flexibility and its inner reinforcement provides high puncture resistance. The Equus TPO membrane requires no open flame during application as the membrane is installed by adhesive, or by mechanical fastening, and the laps are welded using hot-air welding technology.

Equus Soprema Flagon TPO Membrane - Installed by Certified Applicators, Application Specialists

Head over to and view our work section available in Standard, Structural & Civil, Basic and Landscapes specification systems.

Want some help with a specification? Our team are here to help! Contact us through the Masterspec Work Section Support feature, by calling your local branch or emailing your local Technical Consultant.

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